Forklift Trainer

Are you looking for an online forklift training for your students or yourself? Forklift Trainer makes this possible and you will be on your way in 5 minutes. We have developed a time and place independent self-diagnostic E-learning training. To start this training all you need to do is order an account.

During the training you will learn all the important ins and outs that you need to know for operating a forklift. We have gathered numerous videos and pictures and throughout the training you will be asked to answer various questions. This way you can test yourself to see if you fully understand the theory which is explained. At the end of the training there is a test covering all the material which is discussed during the training. Afterwards you will be able to see your results. A student will need 2 to 4 hours to complete the training depending on the skill of the student. The training is completely self-diagnostic. It is also possible to see what the results of your students are. The Forklift Trainer is accessible the Forklift Trainer page.

FLO is a production company which focuses on developing all sorts of digital educational tools. FLO also has developed a platform in which digital content can be placed and data can be extracted from. By using the platform which FLO offers you will be able to see what the students responses to questions are of the training and the test. As instructor you can also decide to keep the final test locked until the student has finished the training.

Forklift Trainer has been developed in collaboration with FLO and Dutch publishing company Ondile. Ondile has been active as the logistic publisher for over 25 years in the Netherlands. The material that Ondile offers has been digitized by FLO. This way we want to guarantee the quality of the content of the training and the online platform. We also strive to keep the content up to date. If a rule regarding driving with a forklift changes we will update the training.